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Episode 612 Listener Questions

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  • Episode 612 Listener Questions

    Any questions you want us to address on the show tomorrow?

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    1. I know this has been covered here on the forum, but it would be interesting to have a quick discussion on adaptogens. I imagine there are a lot of listeners out there who would benefit but aren’t on the forum

    2. What is the best way to estimate sodium needs?

    ON a lighter note- In your opinions, what are the 5 hardest exercises ("Hardest" open for interpretation)
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      What are your favorite warmups? I find myself needing to put more time in warm ups in winter because my gym is so cold and could use some new ideas besides power walking on the treadmill with a hoodie on and using the assault bike.


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        Psoas rehab! Been doing PT for my psoas recently and I’m curious if there is anything out there I’m not doing. It has to be a common misdiagnosed injury and I feel like a lot of people overhype things like the psi-rite or whatever it is.


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          Who do you think is the most underrated voice in the bodybuilding/strength community?