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  • Episode 612 Notes

    Episode 612
    Mail and News

    Question #1: Plant proteins. Are they good? Superior?
    Mike send me your data. Havent seen any data yet that plant proteins are better. If you get a higher enough dose and mix and math you can get some that are equivalent if you take more. Maybe for the environmental impact route. Basically have seen no data they are superior.

    Question #2: From Anna
    1. I know this has been covered here on the forum, but it would be interesting to have a quick discussion on adaptogens. I imagine there are a lot of listeners out there who would benefit but aren’t on the forum.
    Mike: data still out there. Herbal products in general, you get what you pay for. QUALITY. Even the term adaptogen is problematic. Cordyceps, Lions mane, other mushrooms (beware a study showed most are bunk) The definition is vague. Not enough good info out there for Lonnie to spend his $$.

    2. What is the best way to estimate sodium needs?

    Don’t look at blood levels! Salt to taste. If your active and eat good food, prob just add more. Just watch it if your hypertensive.

    3. ON a lighter note- In your opinions, what are the 5 hardest exercises ("Hardest" open for interpretation)

    Ssb Goodmornings, Ab wheel, high rep squats, floor zerchers, rower, yoke

    Papers. #1 Muscle strength dose not adapt from a 2nd to 3rd bout effect. Conclusion: you cannot endlessly become adapted to all soreness. The greatest adaptations happen after the first and little to no change after that. Great for off season gainz.

    Paper #2 Feb 2021, muscle cells can block inflammation when exercised. Exercise has an anti inflammatory response over time.


    Muscle sports and why they are a calling for some people.
    Team sports weren’t my thing.
    Ill never beat gravity
    self progress

    find what youre good at
    Its ok to not do what you suck at

    please add in your own things.

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    I changed the name of the ep from The Call of Muscle Sports to The Riddle of Steel. Seemed fitting.


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      Just listened to the episode!
      1. Thanks for answering my questions!
      2. I spent a lot of time contemplating the “riddle of steel” and a lot of the reasons you guys said really resonated with me, particularly the “bad at other sports”, “good at lifting” and “ability to control outcomes” parts.
      One thing you guys didn’t cover that’s a very big draw for me is convenience. I hate activities that require lots of set up, difficult to access or dependent on weather. Even in lifting, I shy away from band work or stuff that requires more set up than picking up a dumbbell or throwing plates on a barbell


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        Modern studies have shown that adaptogens can non-specifically enhance the resistance of human body under a wide range of external stress conditions with a multi-targeted and multi-channel network-like manner, especially by affect the immune-neuro-endocrine system and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adre …

        Research regarding R. rosea efficacy is contradictory. While some evidence suggests that the herb may be helpful for enhancing physical performance and alleviating mental fatigue, methodological flaws limit accurate assessment of efficacy. A rigorously-designed well reported RCT that minimizes bias …

        Serum Na poorly reflects intake or body content (use urine tests instead) (p.3)
        and (p.5)
        Alterations in sodium and water balance are commonplace and often occur concurrently. Dysnatremias (hyponatremia and hypernatremia) merely reflect a relative excess or deficit of plasma water in relation to plasma sodium. There is no predictable relationship between plasma sodium concentration, extr …

        *Hypo*natremia, low-single-digit prevalence, not about Na intake per se
        Disorders of serum sodium occur commonly in athletes participating in endurance sports. The most life-threatening of these is hyponatremia, which can occur in as many as 2% to 7% of participants. Exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH) is caused by a combination of excessive water or hypotonic fluid …

        Hyponatremia, defined as a serum sodium concentration of <135 mmol/L, often develops as a consequence of elevated levels of arginine vasopressin (AVP) hormone. AVP elevation can occur in a number of common clinical conditions, including syndrome of inappropriate secretion of AVP, volume depletion …

        *Hyper*natremia also rarely dietary
        Hypernatremia is defined as an elevated serum sodium concentration. Usually hypernatremia is caused by a relative water deficit occurring with decreased thirst sensation and/or reduced water intake. In rare cases hypernatremia may be caused by excessive sodium intake. Severe hypernatremia can be dan …

        Blood Na not changed in 99.7% athletes (spot checks)
        Urine concentration thresholds classified 27%-55% of collegiate athletes as dehydrated, while no athlete was dehydrated according to blood [Na+] measurement. Practitioners should caution against using urine indices to diagnose or monitor dehydration, because urinary output is a response r …


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          Great episode guys.
          Lonnie 20 rep squats are never easy. One exercise that just takes you down for the day if not week. Prowler work seems to be a close second.

          Interesting that all 3 of you prefer solitary lifting to the group, yet run a podcast that feeds iron game camaraderie.

          I lift on my own 90% of the time. There is something about the solitude and just battling the weights on your own. Once in a while it would be great to have a team to push you forward when life is slowing you down.


          • Anna Fan
            Anna Fan commented
            Editing a comment
            I personally find high rep deadlifts harder than high rep squats. Never tried a prowler, but sounds fun!!!

            I'm in university, and before COVID, I lifted in the uni gym. Although I prefer lifting alone and getting work done, there are a LOT of smart, wise ppl there so there's always a tradeoff between getting work done and dropping in on a potentially mindblowing conversation