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  • Two part show

    I am currently trying lining up a two part show for Iron radio with the first hopefully happening this week. It will be focused on the military and strength training but more specifically on going into special forces and what that takes.

    Part 1 will be with a soldier that will talk about the recruiting side of that. what they look for. Training they have people do to get ready. Etc.

    The second will be from a close friend of mine and from a boots on the ground view. He lived it through special forces selection. Went through buds to be a seal two times and currently in training for a position in special forces. So he will speak to well here is what really happens and what you need.

    Thoughts and questions for these guests?

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    I know soldiers obviously have to keep fit and their training involves bodyweight exercises but I've always wondered how iron enthusiasts try and keep up their hobby if at all possible while serving. Do they know any meatheads in the service and what kind of basic equipment do they have access to, the restrictions they deal with while trying to eat enough, etc. Hope that's not too broad.
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    • Phil Stevens
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      thats a good one thank you

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    To get through BUDS or any other SOG school, and then also excel in the field, is it beneficial to be heavily muscled?

    context: I’ve read / heard from former SEALs and others that heavily muscled dudes sometimes had a harder time getting through BUDS than, say, “strong but not huge “ dudes. But would like to know if this is the case or what their takes are.


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      If you have questions about fitness in the Navy, specifically on submarines I just got out after 6 years.


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        How do they balance strength needs vs. conditioning nieeds?
        Is Special Forces focus still on high reps/running and volume/volume volume or are they becoming more specific to in field demands as the new Army PT test tries to address?
        Any mental conditioning done before going into special forces or trying to get into special forces?

        Tons of guys on the internet claim some connection to how they helped strength train special forces troops, any way to know who is speaking the truth and who is throwing out bullshit?


        • Robert Fabsik
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          Great show today.
          Thanks for taking my question.
          The bulk of the show answered my 1st question very well and I liked his answer to my second question. Basically if someone is bragging about it, they are probably talking BS.