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  • Episode 618

    Today a listener question (from Gaby) ignited a scientific literature search and a discussion of which body shapes are the strongest in various lifts.

    - High Muscle mass and mesomorphic bodies are reliably stronger in general. How much? They contribute up to 1/3 of everything that goes into performance in lifts like bench and squat.

    - BMI and % fat help in the squat.

    - Being thin and angular (ectomorphy) are not helpful. (Ed. note: this is where bodybuilding would differ! The combination of mesomorphy and ectomorphy can look great!)

    - Long limbs (femurs, arms) are not helpful, except for dead lifting.

    - Foot length (females) and lower leg length (males) are helpful (e.g. adding velocity) to lifts like snatch or clean and jerk and even deadlifting... According to some studies.

    - before editing I made a funny remark about older dead lifters being better. But the study I was looking at was in young people so that probably just reflects physical maturation. Still more years under the bar is always going to help, if bad joints don’t get you. the second half of the show Phil offered some gold nuggets about dealing with being short or tall or exhibiting various lengths.

    A take-home conclusion at the end was that any one of these body shape features contributes but does not dictate performance. There are many other factors at work! This is reinforced by observations of professionals and clients that the cohosts have seen in the past.

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    Thank you for taking your time and do your research . I loved the show, very informative as usual!