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Episode 621--What are you gym sins?

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  • Episode 621--What are you gym sins?

    Phil, Lonnie and Dr. MIke had a great talk about things that bug them in the gym. Which gym sins have you committed? Do you do curls in the power rack? Do you flex your lats whenever the ladies walk by?
    Listening tonight I cringed and chuckled to some of the things I did when I was young and ignorant.

    1.) When doing a HIT program, I'd set up 3-4 stations to run through. I was done after 5 minutes, but it was tough to set up when the gym was busy. Looking back, probably not the best program to do in a crowded gym.
    2.) The public gym at NW was Patton Gym in the basement under an indoor student gymnasium. It was a great dungeon. But right after afternoon classes it was busy, it was hard to get a hold of plates and dumbbells. We'd be squatting and guys would be taking weights off the rack storage during our reps. This resulted in counterattacks walking through the various weight stations grabbing free plates. Dumbbells were at high demand for curls and db benching. Once you had a weight that worked, you guarded it like a junk yard dog.
    3.) Wearing tank tops with my huge 165 physique as a freshman in college. I felt it was mandatory when you go to the gym. Oh yeah, and the flimsy leather belt. Had to wear that for some reason. Can't forget the fingerless lifting gloves I wore in high school--thankfully that didn't last long.
    4.) Having some work out experience, some friends would ask me to train them. Had to bro up and become a cheerleader "You got this one more, come on, come on..." Oh the false machismo rocked.
    5.) Not really a gym thing, but for some reason having Weider Protein Powder for breakfast. In the 90's, this stuff was like slurping dry saw dust. No wonder MetRx hit the supplement world like a storm, that stuff had taste.
    6.) For years now I've trained at home, but when we go on vacation it's always fun to go to the local Globogym. Like Phil said, all those machines make me feel like a kid in a candy store. Sometimes if I saw some young kids trying some weights, I'd offer up help without being invited. When I come home and I tell my wife and kids, "Hey these kids were attempting to deadlift, so I gave them some pointers." My wife followed by my daughters just roll their eyes. I know no one wants unsolicited help, but some things need to be addressed--I didn't want their spines to explode!
    7.) When I trained in gyms, I often brought my note book, had my lifting belt, fractional plates, sometimes a beverage...all this had to go somewhere, so anywhere I went I had to set camp.