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Episode 624: The Costs of Aggressive Bulking

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  • Episode 624: The Costs of Aggressive Bulking

    Ever go all-in on massive weight gain? Ever wonder what it was doing to your body aside from the muscular gains? Join in for a discussion on the less healthy aspects of the war of the knife and fork, including exclusive chat about what Rutgers researchers saw in Phil's intestinal microbiota!

    - The ep. starts with discussion on the superiority of dairy proteins and whether (any) protein is best for bulking or cutting
    - After the break, the discussion starts with some definitions of what "dirty bulks" are and what happened in Phil's intestines during his last all-out bulk. Yikes!
    - There's also info. on blood pressure changes, blood lipids, relative loss of aerobic fitness, and fat-to-lean gain expectations.
    - Also get in on psychological tips and stories of what a typical day is like during 30-40 pound mass cycles.

    PS We need iTunes reviews! Please consider one after the show!