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  • Episode 611 News and Forum

    Episode 611
    New Forum and news

    News #1 LED therapy on DOMs, muscle repair etc 2016 paper
    Verify how pair of twins will respond to LED therapy Or Placebo and strength training for 6 weeks.
    Decreases in Atrophy, MTOR and SOD were upregulated with light therapy.
    light therapy can increase, muscle size, growth and recovery.

    News #2 Obesity poor health impact not undone by just exercise.
    Exercise cannot overcome effects of obesity. You cannot be fat and healthy.
    Average age 42, 33% women, three groups, normal, overweight and obese. by BMI
    activity = regular 25%, less than 12%, and sedentary 63%
    active ppl did better than inactive in most cases, so everyone should be active, more is better, 30 better than 15 etc.
    over weight or obese regardless had higher rates of adverse heart health.

    News #3 Large Mammals antioxidant intact and oxidative stress, (advanced in nutrition)
    Antioxidants have become paramount during pandemic, the Mediterranean diet and the Atlantic diet
    Needed the combat high oxidative damage of covid, vit E, C, D, A, B12, minerals etc
    Obese individuals could benefit from supplementing higher levels.