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Episode 639---Dr. Lowry say it isn't so...

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  • Episode 639---Dr. Lowry say it isn't so...

    Like every Sunday, I was glad to open my podcasts and listen to Episode 639.

    Unfortunately, there is a sad preface to Episode 639. A brief good bye from Dr. Lowry.
    Please say it isn't so.

    At the very least check in every once in a while.

    Lonnie, you are the heart of the show (Dr. Mike is the brains, and Phil is the down to earth practical workhorse). Lonnie you add a passion and knowledge that many of use born in the 70''s and 80's really relate to. You will be missed. Your news round up has been helpful for my training as well as other aspects of my life including my profession as a physician.

    Your ability to look through the science and find the practicality is priceless in this industry.
    Your ability to see benefit and brotherhood through all the muscle sports has been wise in a time where people are often tribalizing. The fact that you are non-judgmental and just wanting to grow is a great lesson you taught us.
    Your love of classic bodybuilding, strength legends and fantasy, is something that has inspired so many of us.

    Again, I hope you reconsider your decision or at the very least hope it is temporary.

    Regardless, let me say thanks for all your hard work. I looked forward to hearing you every Sunday and you will be missed. You impacted my life and I imagine thousands more. Thanks for you passion and your quest for the truth in strength.

    Bob Fabsik

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    I echo these sentiments!


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      Thanks for the kind words above. Yes, we will miss Lonnie and working to see if he can pop in as a guest host form time to time. -Mike


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        Dang, I didn't realize when he announced the changes that he'd be going this soon! Here I was thinking I'd suggest they have Fortress escape his cave for Lonnie's final episode.

        I imagine there must be some kind of NDA conflicts with the new job that he's so quickly leaving? Either way, definitely need to hear him return on big anniversaries or something
        like episode 650, 700, etc!

        Haven't got to the 2 most recent eps yet, clearing up some space on my phone by finishing off some old episodes. Hundreds to go to catch up... but at least I still get to hear Fortress and Lonnie there!


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          Thanks guys - fifty times! I've been really touched by the heartfelt emails from the iron brotherhood and sisterhood. I will definitely come back on "in the third chair" on occasion. In fact, I bought a new VIDEO cam just in case Phil and Mike move into live YT broadcasts, etc. (which I recommend)! Indeed, spread the word and GROW the show enough, and maybe we can all make a living at it at some point in the future. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

          As far as the relative abruptness of my departure, let's just say different jobs define conflicts of interest more or less broadly. Plus, this is a private forum so I'll also be frank: my wife and I aren't young anymore so we needed a job with healthcare - not to mention my love of nutrition science and invention, which this new job provides. [Rant...] It's a sad fact that small universities are struggling to provide basic things like healthcare in this broken insurance market, but there it is.

          PS Actually, I just spoke to Fortress! I will bribe that big bastard to come on with me as reunion guests! Stay tuned.

          PPS For YEARS I have secretly wanted to do this in the End Times of the show. We're not there yet but just in case I don't get a chance that day, here's how I'd like it to end. It embodies how I see the iron army ending our many-year run with us...

          Love you guys.



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            Badass swag!!!

            Thanks Sean and Gaby!

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              Thank you sir!!!