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  • Perks for iron forumites

    Just thought I'd share something that may help w/ the forum here. Various other forums I’ve seen have "perks" and activities for members that we can discuss...

    -blogs and obviously threaded discussions
    -badge icons for certain accomplishments
    -access to existing article/ audio archives
    -member only videos of us recording the show, events, etc.
    -quarterly livestreams
    -monthly hangouts
    -member spotlights
    -sneak peeks
    -discounts for 1-on-1 coaching calls

    Which ones sound good?

    Just wanted to share before I forgot!

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    This is fantastic and I’m glad you all are doing this! Long overdue!


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      Thanks man! Anything in particular of interest in the menu above? Or something else?


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        Badges, live streams, hangouts, and polls are always a solid way to drive engagement and improve the experience on the forum.


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          Almost all of them sound good, but the best perk is being able to interact with you guys now. I've never trusted social media, mostly because of me being a child of a 1980s sysadmin and a soviet bloc woman-programmer, so I never had a Facebook account.

          Out of those you listed, polls have always been a least favourite forum feature, since they rarely show anything useful and are usually used just as a distraction. All the others sound good.
          My full name is Marek Antoniusz Wietrzykowski. That does not fit on the back of my ID and I doubt it'll fit nicely in the username.


          • Phil Stevens
            Phil Stevens commented
            Editing a comment
            thanks for joining us!!!

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          Glad you guys set this up! biggest thing for me is having access to you guys and the interaction. I like the idea of coaching call discounts and community spotlights.


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            Good input guys! Of course we all have day jobs... which is why we can stay independent and unbiased on the podcast. The price of having a demanding job is that I'll mostly log in on weekends.


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              Awesome! Happy to be here!


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                Contest idea! Write the best "haiku" and win something cool. I have a few Iron Radio buttons/ key chains, and t-shirts, plus of course Phil must have lots of cool swag laying around.

                Here's an example:

                Look to the distance
                To where the Iron Gods roam
                Go, walk among them.

                I'll mention this on-air next week (mid-Feb. 2021).


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                  Wake every morning,
                  Drink coffee and hit the gym,
                  Listen to the show.

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                    How about:

                    Iron Radio
                    Lonnie, Mike, and Phil are cool
                    We miss the Fortress.


                    Barbells and dumbbells
                    Kettlebells and cables too
                    Mats and bands and chains.
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                      Straps, wraps, chalk and bag

                      Will the squat rack be open?

                      Time to punch the clock

                      Advil; Tiger Balm

                      Stairs and chairs mean fresh torture

                      Day after leg day


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                        Brown stain on sweatpants
                        Hope was there before starting
                        Heavy squat training


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                          We got a few haiku submissions by email as well. Gonna be tough to judge!